jest jak latanie

To wolność wyboru.
Pozwalamy podjąć właściwe decyzje.

jest jak droga

Często potrzebujesz drogowskazów.
My je stawiamy.

is like a road

You often need signposts.
We put them up.

is like a flight

It is freedom of choice.
We help spread your wings.

Information is a key to success and the ability to use it allows to turn the key. In order to obtain the right information, one needs to ask the right questions. Prestige Consulting poses the right questions and finds you answers you need, analyses obtained information and helps you use it leading you to success.

We provide you with an access to a group of highly educated, experienced and talented professionals in many worldwide locations.

PRESTIGE CONSULTING is a consulting company created by a team of people working in the international market since 1995. Our knowledge, skills and experience at Prestige Consulting lead our customers into new opportunities for growth.

We offer our clients excellent services based on experience and best international practices. Knowledge is important, but what determines a lasting success is the ability to use it in practice. Therefore, Prestige Consulting specialises in the implementation of the following services:

  • Market research
  • Comprehensive business consulting
  • Trade agency services
  • Professional services

Market research

Prestige Consulting conducts analysis and research for any product or service in any European market.


Comprehensive business consulting is one of our main areas.

Connecting businesses

We provide business matching services to enable companies to contact selected people or companies in your industry.

Professional services

Negotiations – we conduct both initial price negotiations and process complex tendering procedures.